You gain clarity in your consciousness when you have genuine spiritual experiences that unite you, uniting your body, heart, mind, and soul with your spiritual potential. Dispensary Near Me offers excellent info on this. You learn to accept fictitious realities as mere symbols with no metaphysical underpinnings. Spiritual awakening is a process that takes time to achieve. Since spiritual consciousness isn’t anything you can put on like a coat or take like a pill, you’ll want to make it a regular activity. Similar to how you can strengthen your physical muscles by exercising, you can strengthen your spiritual muscles by nurturing your consciousness. One of the advantages of practising spirituality on a daily basis is that the alignment with your soul wisdom improves. This allows you to see illusions for what they are: deceptions.


You can be easily corrupted by the strong skewed energy fields of millions of people stuck in false delusions if you don’t have a spiritual way of communicating with your soul. Marijuana doesn’t help you develop or evolve beyond that because it gives the feeling of expanded consciousness when trapping you at a merely intermediate stage. It claims to take you past the average level of human consciousness before dropping you into a muddled, intermediate state.

And I’ve noticed that the energy at the intermediate stage is sticky. That may sound odd, but marijuana smokers have a sticky, fuzzy aura that is open to entities. The light and clarity associated with those that are in harmony with their divine soul are the polar opposite of this.

But, regardless of where you are spiritually, whether you smoke or not, you should still make the decision to make a healthy choice each day. People are becoming aware that something that interferes with their soul growth should be avoided in the same way that they are becoming aware that nutritious food is better than fast food and that exercise makes you feel more alive.

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