Optometrist is an official name for doctor who specializes in eye care. He is responsible for the general health care of the eye and carries out primary medical care for the eyes. After graduation, they spent 4 years at a medical school and obtained an optometry degree as well. Some optometrist get additional specialized training or complete another specialty fellowship within optometry after medical school. They concentrate on regular primary care and they perform eye tests and examinations on a routine basis. Visit us on Eyes of Texas.

The optician salary range depends on several factors such as education level, specialty of interest and area of specialization. Optometrists with additional special training and education level perform better than those with only a bachelor’s degree in optometry. Those with higher education level are usually assigned to high paying specialty areas such as gynecology, optometry, refractive and ophthalmology, etc. Those who specialize later attain seniority positions which have better salary and perks. This is because senior opticians are often involved in clinical practice, leadership positions and have more responsibilities and are entrusted with more complex tasks.

There are some states that allow independent opticians to practice privately. This kind of optometrist has opted to operate his/her own clinic rather than working for an institution. However, there is a limitation to earning as an independent optician and Optometry graduates have to have a license to practice independently.