First and foremost, stop getting into an accident. Having a spotless driving record is a major benefit when it comes to negotiating lower car insurance rates with your insurer. Since you are a good driver, the risk level for the insurance provider is relatively low, giving you more power to make specific demands, especially about lower rates.
A clean driving record will also make you a preferred customer of the insurance companies in your region. Click here for more info  San Angelo Pronto Insurance

You should want to learn about some of the value-added programmes offered by car insurance companies. The majority of the time, these services allow you to save both time and money. A successful insurance provider would undoubtedly want happy clients, and one of the best ways to do this is to maximise service value while retaining or even lowering overall prices.
If you have several policies running on the same account, you can save even more money. You may, for example, have a life insurance policy, a renters insurance policy, and an auto insurance policy all in the same account. This will almost always result in a lower rate being negotiated.
Any of your personal patterns and activities will be scrutinised by insurance providers. If you have a history of driving while inebriated, excessive speeding with friends, or overloading cars, you are considered a high risk by insurance firms. Having a clean record would almost certainly get you more points and lower prices. Get free car insurance quotes from reputable brokers online as the first step toward lower rates.