If your home’s roof has been destroyed by hail and needs fixes or removal, you want the best roofing contractor available to do the work. Here are few stuff to think of while looking for a roofer:Do you want to learn more? Visit RNS Construction Group LLC-Roofer

First and foremost, don’t only choose the largest roofing business ad you see in the phone book. Request references from people you meet! Inquire to your neighbours who have just had their roofs re-roofed. For names of businesses to remember, ask about at work or at church (as well as companies to avoid). Ask your insurer for a referral and your homeowner’s policy will cover this.

Do your due diligence now that you have a few names. Check out their website (don’t have one? Check to see how long they’ve been in operation, how large they are, and what other services they can provide (now there’s a red flag!) Is it a general contractor that subcontracts out all roof maintenance, and if so, do you mind? Is it a roofing firm that specialises in roof replacements? While getting a new roof may be your primary concern right now, finding a business you like and trust who can assist you with other problems down the line, such as gutters or waterproofing, may be beneficial.

What roofing products do they use and suggest, as well? Is there something on their website for “CertainTeed” or “GAF,” or other top-of-the-line shingle manufacturers? Or are you getting the feeling that they’ll purchase whatever’s on offer this week?

Of necessity, as with any home maintenance contractor, double-check if the business is duly certified to provide residential roofing services. (If you’re not sure what your state’s licence criteria are, go to your state’s website.) Hint: an unlicensed roofer would be considerably less expensive, but do you want to entrust your home to him?

Finally, and maybe most importantly, ensure that they are properly insured. Inquire for benefits certificates; you’ll like to see a general liability agreement as well as workers’ compensation coverage. Don’t take their word for it; they may think they’re safe when, in truth, their coverage has expired. Before some job starts, insist on seeing the documents.

Invite them out to send you an estimation and an in-person consultation after you’ve narrowed your options down to two or three. Inquire regarding their on-time rate, the duration of the task, and whether they clean up thoroughly at the end of each work day or just at the end of the job. If possible, request to see images of recent jobs, both before and after. In addition, request the names and contact details of recent customers so that you can verify references. Call those references when they’ve left! No stone should be left unturned.