Laws and procedures are so numerous that they may fill an entire library. Many people agree that so much money is spent only on income tax collection because of the complex legal and collection structure.

Simplifying the Tax Code

The goal of simplifying the US tax system has long been a goal, but no one knows how to get there. Everyone recognises that the new tax structure is inefficient, and many people have suggestions for improvement. Herman Cain, a former Republican presidential nominee, proposed a 9% national sales tax, a 9% corporate tax, and a 9% income tax. This will be evaluated uniformly, with no exceptions.El Paso income tax processing offers excellent info on this.

Although the suggestion sounds realistic, it’s difficult to say if it will actually work. It will result in fewer workers in the income tax filing industry and at the IRS, but it’s unclear how the reform will be implemented or whether enough revenue will be raised to cover the country’s expenses. Additionally, changes in taxes will need to be made at the state level to align with the proposed federal laws.

Some Countries’ Taxation

In non-democratic nations, taxation has disproportionately burdened those with the lowest incomes. In some of these countries, there is no defined taxation structure, making it impossible to predict how much people would be expected to pay. Taxpayers in some cases have no idea how or where their money was spent.

Taxes almost always rise as governments discover new fields in which they need investment. Even though democratic states need transparency, it is difficult to say how much of a tax dollar ultimately enters the desired programme from a balance sheet. Another explanation why tax reform is discussed in any major political campaign is because of this.

Income tax in Australia is easier than in the United States, and there are provisions that provide for tax deductions in some cases. Individually, it is a progressive tax because the higher a person’s salary, the higher the rate of income tax they pay. Individuals pay the highest premium of 45 percent, plus a 1.5 percent Medicare tax that everybody pays. For the first $6,000 of earnings an individual earns per year, no income tax is due.


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