A hybrid mattress combines pocket springs and foam in one bed. Typically this consists of a thicker foam layer than traditional mattresses which are often sold as innerspring. A hybrid mattress provides a “best of both worlds” type feel where there’s more support from the inner pocket coils than the outer sprung surface. This reduces the “wobble” that can be found in conventional mattresses. Because of the greater amount of foam used in a hybrid mattress, it usually offers a higher density than in a conventional mattress of the same size. This means that a hybrid mattress offers a firmer feel than a conventional mattress which can help to relieve pressure points and promote a better night of sleep. Get the facts about Hybrid Mattress Near Me
One of the features of hybrid mattresses is their combination of cushioning bounce and firmness. Memory foam has many properties which make it unique and very comfortable. In addition to providing comfort, memory foam has the ability to mold to the shape of the body so that it mimics the natural inward curve of the lower body. Cushioning bounce is provided by the foam layers that provide firmness to the mattress and act like sliders to spread the weight of the body over a larger surface area. This means that a greater amount of pressure is evenly distributed and less pressure is placed on any particular portion of the mattress.
Some of the best qualities of a hybrid mattress are increased softness and improved stiffness. The thickness of the foam also adds to its comfort and durability. Most memory foam contains thousands of tiny memory foam cells, which all work together to provide increased softness and support.