A family dentist usually treats a wide variety of patients of all ages. These dentists are in charge of making sure that tooth decay is prevented, plaque accumulation around the teeth is kept to a minimum, gums are safe, and cavities are filled. You can choose a family dentistry that provides full service dentistry to meet all of your family’s dental needs, whether you have questions about the quality of your teeth or are looking for preventative oral health care. Stratman Family Dentistry offers excellent info on this.

The benefit of using the services of a licenced full-service dentistry is that you can provide a wide range of dental services for your entire family, including:

 Composite fillings – Resin-based fillings for cavities or small hollow areas of the tooth that are color-matched to the tooth’s colour so they are virtually invisible when placed. They are also beneficial to the affected region.

 Dentures – A partial or complete collection of dentures may be designed to look like your natural teeth when tooth extractions are needed.

 Dental Implant – A replacement “tooth” that is implanted into the jaw and appears like a natural tooth. This is used when a person has lost teeth due to tooth decay, periodontitis, or an accident.

 Crowns—also known as caps—completely cover the visible portion of a tooth. A portion of your tooth is preserved, but the majority of it is reconstructed to resemble the tooth.

 Cleaning Services – Professional removal of tartar and dental plaque to avoid gingivitis, cavities, and gum disease can take up to 30-35 minutes and is normally painless.

 General Dentistry – Utilizes cutting-edge technologies and techniques to meet the general oral health needs of the entire family.

 Pediatric Dentistry – Focusing on the oral health needs of children, including programmes to help them prevent tooth decay, develop healthy brushing/flossing habits, and feel at ease in the dentist’s office, among other things.

Bridges, conventional fillings, replacing chipped teeth, dental X-rays, root canals, 24/7 emergency care, consultations, and many other facilities are available from a family dentistry. You should contact the dental office to arrange an appointment to learn more about the services they provide. The knowledgeable staff can answer all of your oral health care questions and may schedule an appointment for you or another family member to receive dental care.