Vinyl decking refers to a prefabricated sheet membrane, usually something along the lines of an artificial wood decking material. It’s applied directly over a wood or steel deck surface to produce a low-maintenance, waterproof covering. Vinyl decking is often referred to as composite decking or hollow PVC lumber, but that’s not really what most deck contractors are talking about when referring to vinyl decks. In its most basic form, vinyl decking can be laid down as sheets and glued into place like a laminate deck. The boards are generally made of melamine resin-coated plywood or a wood veneer with a low water resistance characteristic. The final product is a sturdy, durable, attractive deck surface, capable of holding up to normal wear and tear.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Surrey vinyl decking.

The first step in how to install vinyl decking involves removing any trim, such as trees or lawn furniture. You can accomplish this by hand, but many people prefer to use a power saw to cut the trim off completely, allowing it to properly fit over the entire deck. You’ll also need to prepare your deck for a vinyl covering, since most installations involve staining or painting.

Once you’ve cleaned and prepared your deck, you’re ready to start installing vinyl decking like duradek. Duradek consists of two major components – a waterproof membrane and a core insert. The waterproof membrane is typically made of PVC, though melamine is also used. A core insert, which can be made of melamine or aluminum, is then installed just before the waterproof membrane. The rubber and plastic core inserts spread the weight of the water from beneath the vinyl decking over a large area, thus reducing the amount of stress that the material is subjected to. Because the vinyl decking has such a low profile, you can install it almost anywhere, although it is recommended that you place the vinyl decking at least six feet away from any structure that may damage it, such as fences.

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