Painting is an art, but an extremely popular one. This is because paint adds colour, depth, texture, and many other aesthetic properties to what would otherwise be a flat surface. Many people spend hours decorating their homes with paintings and other works of art. Painting is not only done for beautification, but also for functional reasons such as making a floor appear warmer or cooler. But there are so many different techniques used in painting, that it is not just a matter of picking up a brush and splashing on paint.You may want to check out Bella’s Army Painting, Pittsburgh for more.

Painting is the process of applying pigment, liquid paint, or any other medium to a flat support surface. The medium most commonly used to paint over the support is a brush, although other implements, including sponges, knives, airbrushes, and sponges can also be used. There are two basic types of painting: permanent and semi-permanent. In the permanent form, pigments are applied to a support surface and usually cannot be removed.

Semi-permanent painting techniques include oil painting and stenciling, which rely on the application of pigments to a stencil, which is then applied to the work surface by using a brush or roller. Oil painting techniques are widely known worldwide, but they have been developed over centuries and are very particular, both concerning pigments and the equipment used to apply them. The best way to paint is still, as in years gone by, with brushes on the canvas. The technique is not a modern invention; it has been around since the renaissance and was first used in China, India, and Africa. The development of oil painting techniques spread across Europe and America soon after the Italian renaissance, with the French Revolution a big factor.


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