A marijuana dispensary, potshop, or pot store is a place where marijuana is legally sold either for medicinal or recreational use. In the United States these are commonly referred to as “weed stores”. In the United Kingdom they are commonly known as “pot bars”. In both of these countries, marijuana is strictly regulated and any sale or purchase is subject to legal investigation and strict smoking restrictions. In some states, however, including California, Colorado, Maine, and Massachusetts, possession of small amounts of marijuana are considered misdemeanors and may be punished with a misdemeanor arrest record, up to a year in jail, fines, and drug treatment programs. Get the facts about Dispensary
The presence of marijuana lounges in states with legalized cannabis has significantly reduced the arrest rates for marijuana possession in these jurisdictions. Research has shown that exposure to cannabis during the developmental years of children has profound and lasting effects on their minds, and the effects last long into adulthood. It has been estimated that marijuana use during the developmental years of young people results in low self-esteem and increased criminal activity down the road. In many states, including New York, where marijuana use is highly legalized and consumed in public settings, youth drug addiction is widespread and the prevalence of substance abuse rehab facilities is now considered commonplace. This reality has significantly reduced the social equity of adolescent marijuana use and the associated problems associated with it.
Currently there are no laws regulating the transfer or possession of marijuana, so consumers can freely go into establishments such as coffee shops, bowling alleys, coffee houses, bookstores, and more to buy the drug. This creates an obvious question. How does a state regulate commerce when the sale and transfer of this plant are completely unregulated? This becomes especially relevant when considering the ever rising problem of drug addiction and its related crimes across the country. The fact is that marijuana dispensaries and cafes should not be given any sort of government subsidies. The United States is one of the most heavily-populated societies in the world and as such it is simply ill-advised for the government to subsidize the operation of marijuana dispensaries or make them subject to any sort of regulation or taxation.