Medical malpractice lawyers represent clients who have been sued for professional negligence. Medical malpractice is an inclusive term that applies to professional negligence on the behalf of a medical practitioner or legal professional. In the medical community, medical malpractice includes the negligent acts of dentists, nurses, therapists, physicians, and other licensed medical practitioners and health care providers. This negligence can be caused by things such as surgery errors, medication errors, treatment failures, or even medical errors resulting in adverse side effects.Have a look at Metairie Medical Malpractice Attorney for more info on this.

It is important to note that there is a statute of limitations that must be followed when filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Once the statue of limitation expires, a case cannot move forward. Because of this, it is imperative that the attorney that represents your case has the knowledge and time frame to build a strong case for you. If you are planning to pursue a case without having an attorney, it is imperative that you retain an attorney. The most important reason to retain an attorney is to have someone who knows how to proceed with the various issues that may arise throughout the case.

In most instances, there are HIPAA regulations in place that require doctors and/or healthcare providers to store medical records in secure, off-site storage facilities. However, there are doctors who continue to disregard these regulations and fail to store their patients’ medical records in a secure location. In these instances, it is up to the medical malpractice attorney to obtain the medical records from the doctor’s office and produce documentation of the patient’s medical history to support your claim. This documentation will prove vital in the event of a settlement and will help to save time and money in the long run.