Power washing or pressure washing your house is the only practical way to eliminate sludge and mould. You should also pressure wash your house to get the best out of a paint job. This provides a healthy clean surface for the paint to stick to. While the word “pressure wash” is used, you do not need much pressure when cleaning your home’s siding. Only low pressure, about 300 psi, is used. Some contractors are unaware of this and will attempt to use high pressure, which is extremely dangerous and will almost certainly cause harm. This should be the first thing you ask a contractor before recruiting them.I strongly suggest you to visit Clear Ottawa Windows, Ottawa to learn more about this.

Almost any type of siding will benefit from pressure washing. Hardy plank, concrete, vinyl siding, and aluminium would all benefit from a thorough cleaning every now and then. When cleaning soft materials like wood, extreme caution should be exercised; however, if low-pressure methods are used, little harm is possible. Cleaning agents may need to be applied depending on the material of your exterior. For most products, a solution of bleach and household cleaner would suffice. For wood, you’ll need to use a special cleaner that will brighten it without removing the paint. Many of the cleaning supplies you’ll need can be found at your nearest hardware store.

You can hire a pressure washer from a rental equipment store to do your own pressure washing. The expense is approximately $50 a day. It is not appropriate to purchase a heavy duty unit because you will be cleaning the house with low pressure. All you need is a device with a pressure rating of up to 1500 psi. While the device can withstand 1500 psi, you’ll need a house wash tip to reduce the pressure. This is achieved by employing a tip with a wider aperture, which reduces pressure and allows more volume to pass into the cavity.


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