Nobody expects to be hurt, and when they are, the first hope is that the group at fault will assume responsibility for making you whole again. Regrettably, this is rarely the case. Flagler Personal Injury Group offers excellent info on this. You or someone you know is statistically very likely to be hurt or damaged through no fault of your own, and a personal injury attorney is often required to ensure that the responsible party is kept liable for their conduct.
Seventy-five percent of all deaths among teenagers and young adults in the United States between the ages of 15 and 24 are due to three primary causes: accidental injury, suicide, and homicide. About half of those injured in unintentional collisions (45%) are the victim of a motor vehicle accident. These figures are staggering, not only because of the high number of young people who die in car accidents, but also because of the high number of young people who survive, often with life-altering injuries or disabilities as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The three million employees who are injured or killed on the job every year are another category of people who are often injured. This equates to 18 employees being injured or killed every day. The daily news is full of reports about miners killed in failing mines and oil rig workers killed in fires, but even workers in safer jobs can be injured or killed on the job, and they rely on their employers to do the right thing when they are hurt.
Unfortunately, most corporate employers factor the risk of human life and property harm into their costs of doing business, and even OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has a hard time implementing workplace safety legislation for some companies.
In an ideal world, the party liable for personal injuries will pay for medical costs, missed income, and other economic damages without resorting to litigation, but we don’t live in an ideal world, and the burden of personal injury is often borne by the injured party.
Whether an injury is the result of a work accident, a car accident, or anything else entirely, it is important to consult with an attorney before entering into a settlement agreement or lawsuit to protect your interests and avoid being affected further by a flawed settlement agreement.
Based on years of experience and training, a personal injury attorney will sit down with the injured party and discuss the immediate and long-term needs. When somebody is hurt, it is all too common for them to believe that their only cost will be immediate medical expenses, and they will settle for what amounts to a partial payment without considering the full extent of their possible medical needs or potential loss of income. As an advocate tries to ensure the injured person is made whole again, this is where the need for legal assistance pays for itself.