More than artistic ability is required to turn your design skills into a Tee shirt company. You may be a natural at designing eye-catching tees, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make money. You’ll also need some company fundamentals and strategies. Take some time to plan and coordinate the company to ensure its success.service is an excellent resource for this.

Obtain the necessary permits. Almost every state needs a business licence. Check with your city to see if it, too, needs a licence. Even if your company isn’t located within city limits, certain cities require you to have a licence to sell within city limits. Check city criteria as well as where your company is physically situated if you plan on selling T-shirts at art shows or farmer’s markets. If you sell directly to the end consumer rather than wholesale, you’ll need a sales privilege licence. A central cashier area can be found at several arts and crafts exhibits. The promoters of the exhibition are in charge of collecting and filing sales tax. To buy wholesale, most vendors need a sales privilege licence.

Establish your company’s framework. You may want to keep your company as a sole proprietorship at the beginning, when your profits and expenses are low. As the company grows, it could be more practical to form a limited liability company or corporation. Inquire with your accountant about the right structure for your case.

Do some research on the vendors. You’ll need t-shirts and materials to decorate them, as well as silk screening items or graphic transfers for hot printing if you want to start a t-shirt company. Remember not just the vendor’s rates, but also the delivery costs and minimum order amounts when making your decision. When you have to order a minimum of 100 shirts at a time, the lower prices will be offset.