There’s an explanation general dentistry is distinct from, perhaps, surgeon responsibilities. Teeth are a very special feature of the human body. Since they are the only uncovered bones we have, caring for them necessitates a high level of competence and expertise. Dentists study for several years in order to gain their experience and improve that ability. It is all too common for a group of teeth to slip into disrepair, decay, and develop health complications that can spread across the body if they are not cared for by a dentist. Here are a few of the responsibilities in the region.Feel free to find more information at Tolley Dental of Woodstock.

The prognosis

One of the most important functions of general dentistry and its practitioners is to maintain and diagnose their patients. The American Dental Association (ADA) advises doing a checkup and washing every six months because routine cleaning helps the teeth too much and complications will occur so easily. This allows a dentist to thoroughly examine the teeth, ensuring that no cavities, incoming wisdom teeth, or other problems that need to be addressed as quickly as possible are emerging.


Following the diagnosis of a problem, a general dentist’s next task is to treat it with an operation of some kind. For a hollow, the operation could range from a filler to a root canal to the complete extraction of the tooth. The treatment for a broken tooth may be the placement of a crown. Dentures or dental implants may be the solution for lost teeth. When it comes to the multitude of treatments that a dentist employed in this profession would be prepared to handle on a daily basis, the list is infinite.