Ultherapy is a new and rapidly expanding area of complementary medicine that is growing in popularity. Ultherapy is non-invasive, high-energy focused ultrasound used to heat and/or ablate soft tissue. HIFU is also used to boost the circulation of blood or other fluids, or to remove abnormal tissue, including tumors, through mechanical and thermal means. This treatment is often combined with other techniques to enhance outcomes and reduce risks. In this article, we’ll look at the basics of how an ultrasound, which is known as high frequency sound energy, works on a sore or any other place on the body. Want to learn more? click reference.

Ultrasound works by producing three different wavelengths: white, yellow, and infrared. White and yellow wavelengths both pass through the skin, but infrared rays do not penetrate it, so white light is the one used for this application. When an ultrasonic device emits these three frequencies, they travel through the skin at the same time, thus stimulating the collagen. Collagen production increases when the skin is stimulated, causing the sore to heal faster.

An ultrasound cosmetic procedure called college is usually combined with the therapy. Colletage involves the use of a plastic tube to apply a small amount of warm fluid to the sores. The warm fluid lubricates the tissues, while at the same time reducing friction and avoiding further damage. The combination of an ultrasonic procedure, a topical anesthetic, and college makes therapy an excellent choice for treating most sores.