If you want to name the Hyundai ix35 a crossover, a compact SUV, a soft roader, or a recreational vehicle, one thing is certain: it will be yours. Everyone realised the Korean automaker had big shoes to fill when it revealed it would be replacing the iconic Tucson. And it certainly did. The Hyundai ix35 is rising in popularity and prestige, with soaring sales and positive feedback from both the industry and the general public. In the 2010 South African Car of the Year Awards, it also came in sixth place. Click this link now Hyundai Finance

Every time, the Hyundai ix35 gets a second look. The ix35 integrates Hyundai’s fluidic styling inside and out, which is clearly evident in its bonnet creases, swept back headlights, side contours, and sloping tailgate, moving away from the traditional square SUV lines. Its big alloy wheels, bold hexagonal grille, and broad stance offer it a commanding presence on the road and in your driveway.

The interior is dripping with new elegance. Hyundai has included every feature to make your driving experience fun, in addition to high-quality trim and finishes. A helpful blue LED light cluster and trip computer face the driver, which can be set to show information that’s valuable to you. Air conditioning keeps you comfortable, cruise control does the thinking for you on most models, and an audio system lets you listen to music your way, whether you tune in to a radio station, pop in a CD, or link to your MP3 player, USB unit, or iPod®.

It is commonly assumed that larger vehicles are necessarily safer. This is definitely true of the Hyundai ix35, but standard active and passive safety features such as ABS, EBD, crumple zones, side impact beams, a collapsible steering column, and all-round airbags also play a role. Another benefit of a larger size is the amount of room available. A longer rear overhang allows for more luggage space, while clever storage compartments handle the rest.