Many of us have been conditioned to assume that everyone in the “beauty industry” is a person with a low level of education. After all, their job is to make people look and feel good about themselves, which doesn’t require much expertise, right? Check out here Tolley Dental of Woodstock

The fact that one must have a good foundation in general dentistry in order to become a cosmetic dentist generally comes as a shock to the uninformed. However, the addition of the phrase “cosmetic” to the experts’ names will have given the impression to those of this belief that the abovementioned dentists must be people with limited education and expertise.

Now, in order to see why a dentist need a thorough understanding of general dentistry, it is necessary to explore the kind of procedures that these dentists perform on a daily basis. That is where we see the cosmetic dentist having to use high-powered tooth bleaches, among other things (in a situation where the low-powered dental bleaches, which are also typically less effective, are applied by the patients themselves on a DIY basis). To do so, the dentist will require extensive training, especially given the usage of laser technology in some of these applications.

On a daily basis, the dentist will be required to place dental veneers on the teeth of patients. That would have been a simple task if the said veneers could not simply be plastered atop a person’s teeth: a foundation must be engraved so that when they are eventually fitted, they appear ‘natural.’ And engraving such a foundation on a person’s teeth can certainly not be done by just any ‘beautician.’

On a daily basis, we witness the typical dentist performing numerous teeth realignments. A cosmetic dentist may be called upon to perform various tooth replacement procedures (as lost teeth usually have considerable impact on the looks of the person who happens to be bereft of them). All of these things necessitate extensive general dental training.